The Asshole’s Other Websites

Maybe you are not convinced that I’m an Asshole.  Maybe you think I really do care about your feelings.  Perhaps believing I want to be your friend helps you sleep at night.  You are wrong.  Here’s the evidence.  You can find the Asshole in assorted other places on the interwebz and you can confirm that I am indeed an Asshole and not pretending or fronting.

Twitter RoachCommentary on society, technology and social media.

Unicorn Butter Women – Praising women who deserve praise.  Insulting women who deserve to be insulted.  Posting photos of pornicorns.

He Said / She Said – Providing advice, both solicited and unsolicited, to people in need.  Co-written with my friend Robyn.  Not a substitute for Asshole Consulting and not being currently updated.  Over at He Said / She Said I’m really nice.  Nice for me that is.  “Nice” is a relative term.

You Are Definitely Doing It Wrong – Raising children isn’t hard to understand.  Raising children is hard to do.  It takes work.  It takes effort.  It takes putting down the cell phone.  You are definitely doing it wrong.